21 Feb

How To Submit Songs For Radio Airplay Consideration

It seems like everyone is a recording artist these days. The ultimate goal of every new artist is to get radio airplay, but most of you do not know how to properly submit your songs for airplay consideration. Follow these steps and you might just get to the good pile of records and most radio stations.

Be Professional:

  • If you can’t be professional you should find someone who can do the talking for you. Radio is a business, so you should always treat it like one. Not being professional is an easy way to get ignored by a radio station.

Don’t spam stations on Social Media pages:

  • Social Media is a great way to connect with radio stations, but business should not be conducted there. Never send links to your songs over Social Media to stations. We consider that spam.

Send ONE song, not a mix-tape:

  • The EASIEST way to get ignored by a radio station is to send an album or mix-tape. Radio stations don’t play albums – we play singles. We’re also constantly getting emails with new music from the major record labels that we barely have time to listen to a lot of the time.

Listen to the radio station:

  • This is the first way to find out if your song even fits the format of the station.

Find radio call times:

  • Most Music Director’s or Program Directors have call times when they sit in their office and take calls about music. MDs and PDs have a lot more responsibilities than taking phone calls about music. That’s why those times are set aside for just music, and a lot of the time that’s the ONLY times that they’re listening to/talking about music.

Be persistent, not overbearing:

  • Calling or emailing three days in a row is not going to help your chances, and in most cases will get you on a blocked list. At MOST, once a week is enough. If you haven’t heard anything back after an initial contact, follow up and remember: BE PROFESSIONAL!

Don’t feel entitled to anything:

  • I’ve talked to a lot of local artists who feel as though radio stations owe them something just because of where they live. Remember that radio, like everything else, is a business and the PDs and MDs do what’s in the best interest of the radio station. Sometimes that’s showing love to local artists, if it makes sense, and sometimes it’s not. Just because you were born and raised somewhere doesn’t mean that you’re owed airplay. That’s not how it works.

Listen to your song in between two radio songs:

  • Listen to the transition into and out of your song with professionally mixed and mastered songs. If anything sounds off, in any way, it’s not ready.

DO NOT have your friends/family member’s call to request your song:

  • If a radio station tests your song out on the radio, we want REAL feedback on it. We don’t want you telling people to call and pump it up. Requests to play songs don’t carry the weight of research that stations do to justify airplay.

Have a cappella & Instrumentals ready for Mix-show use:

  • Some radio stations have live and local mix shows, which they may use as a way to test out new songs by signed and un-signed artists. If this is the case, be ready to supply a station; with a cappela and/or instrumental version of your song.
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