09 Dec

Using Pinterest In Radio

Pinterest is the third most popular social media platform, with 21% of adults in the US are using it and 84% of those are female. Since most radio stations target women 18-34 it just makes sense to be on this platform, yet the majority of radio stations ignore Pinterest altogether.


Pinterest is perfect for radio station that sell merchandise or have clients that offer a product or service because each pin from users given to your post means free marketing or advertisement and could lead them to visit your page or website.

Remember that Pinterest is never ending and users tend to just keep scrolling and pin everything that interests them. It is simple because as long as your product matches the search keyword of the users, it will appear on their feed – that simple!

What to share?

Post products and services that users can pin – you may create interesting photos, collage, sample picture of a product, list of services and link them all to your page or website where they can learn more about your station or your clients products. Make sure to pick the keywords you will use so that your images would appear on users’ feed and get a greater chance of getting pinned.

Post Frequency:

Multiple times per day


For station clients looking to get sales through Pinterest, it is best to use ‘product pins’ which include more business links, price, availability and where you can purchase the product.

Which clients should be in Pinterest?

Do-It-Yourself stores, crafts, home-hardware, fashion, photographers,  jewelers, and beauty products are the best type of businesses who can leverage on Pinterest – as you can see; they are leaning towards female interests since Pinterest is a female-dominated platform.

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