18 Jul

Using LinkedIn For Your Business

LinkedIn is labeled as the ‘professional social network’ because it is where professionals and businesses-alike join and engage. With 38% of users with an income of more than $75k and 79% of its age group are 35 and older, making it a perfect platform for working successful adults. Sadly, only about 13% of its users login daily and are active – most users only login when seeking professional opportunities, advice, network and business partners it is not a platform where users check on religiously compared to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and that could mean this is not the best platform for all businesses.

What to share?

Low maintenance is required from LinkedIn. Create an updated profile, clearly state what your business is and products/services that you offer. Post simple news/articles that can catch users’ attention, this way, you can start engaging them. Join Groups with members that are your targeted demographics.

Post Frequency:

Two to Four times a week

Which businesses should be in LinkedIn?

All individual professionals involved in the business and businesses that offer professional services but less effort can be devoted to LinkedIn, just ensure your info is always up-todate. It is best for freelancers, bloggers and designers to show credibility. It is still best for businesses to spend more time on revenue-generating platforms.

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