08 Apr

Using Facebook For Your Business


Facebook continues to be the most popular platform with about 1 billion plus users worldwide.  Facebook may not be the best tool for sales generation, but its ability to boost brand awareness is priceless.

Used correctly, the Facebook Advertising Tool can help you target customers by using filters to sort by demographics, job and other personal details that can help you target radio listeners and the right customers. In terms of using Facebook for radio stations, Marketing Directors should be aware that there are less usage of Facebook with teens these days because parents started using it too. To reach teens these days you might be better off focusing on Instagram or Snapchat since this is what most of the teens are using these days.

Here is what should be sharing on your Facebook pages:

• Regularly post images of products/services that you offer. Images get more engagement than text posts alone.

• Post promos, discounts, on-air & online contests and client coupon offers.

• Post relevant articles/news/call-to-action that can engage followers.

How often should you post?

Once or Twice a day minimum.


• Remember posts with pictures generate more engagement by 120%

• Try to keep any text posts less than 250 characters to keep fans engaged.

• Monday, Thursday and Friday are known to be the best days to post for the week.

• Any call-to-action posts will have a better chance of engagement from fans than non-question posts.

What types of businesses should be in Facebook?

All types of businesses should have a Facebook Page since it is still the most widely-used platform.  Facebook can increase sales indirectly through brand awareness and fan engagement. You can increase Facebook likes by having a contest, available downloadable coupons, and Facebook ads and even ‘Like’ buttons on blogs and websites.

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